"Masterfibre Group", which is the exclusive representative of "Masterfibre", "Penetron", "Bronya" and "Heat Plus" products in the Republic of Armenia, was established in 2008. 

Taking into consideration the fact that sports play a key role in the development of the society the company has started its activities with the production of rubber coatings, concluding a contract with the world famous Masterfibre Company. Coatings are designed for various stadiums and gyms, running tracks, playgrounds and other areas of special importance. The production of coatings is based on Australian technology, which has been further improved and adapted in accordance with our climatic conditions. 

"Masterfibre Group" pays great attention to innovation technologies and constantly updates its products according to the existing priorities and requirements. Therefore, it begun to introduce a unique waterproof "Penetron" material system: waterproofing, restoration, renovation of concrete structures and complete package of services of this field. 

Later, adhering to its principles, the company continued introduction of the latest technologies, this time focusing on energy saving issues; as a result of which Bronya thermal insulation material with a high degree of efficiency was imported into Armenia. It is used to reduce the heat loss. 

"Masterfibre Group" also represents Heat Plus IR heating systems, which are now more effective than all other known heating systems. 

The company has adopted a continuous improvement policy: it imports innovations and technologies from different corners of the world in order to improve these fields. “Mastersfibre” has gained high appreciation and confidence during his activity. This is evidenced by cooperation with a number of authoritative companies such as ELITE GROUP, AMERIA GROUP, X Group, MIKA Cement Company, Central Bank, Yerevan Metro CJSC, Sas Group, Multi Group and others. 

The achievements of “Masterfibre” company speak of its reputation and reliable performance. In 2011 the company received the "Best Product of the Year" award. It continues to record great success at various expo exhibitions.